We all are going through pandemic in quite different ways. In the language of painting and printing: The times of Corona aren‘t essentially all grey. The pandemic turns out to be a major learning process and a game of patience for everybody, and though it particularly hit cultural institutions and artists, numerous ideas were born and put into practise, for the artists didn‘t understand the given circumstances as restrictive but as an impulse for new possibilities.
We were therefore challenged to find ways to involve artists from our network in a common project, in which lock-down, travel warnings and social distancing are less important.

Artists from European and Non-European countries have been guests at Bentlage Monastery for many years, e.g. during Münsterland Festivals of the past years. They, together with local artists, meanwhile shaped a network in which people exchange ideas across all borders.

We asked many of them to create a square picture in their favourite technique – printing, drawing, painting, photo – inspired by his/her current personal situation. These works were transmitted to us in a digital way, so it was easy to prepare a collection for Ravensburger game editors. Some of the cards show only a QR-Code. So, you need a reader and than .....

Furthermore we designed a bigger size version 20 x 20 cm (8“x 8“) in a handmade box to present for ex- ample on graphic events. Last but not least we created an online version that can be played by several players simultaneously independent from their place on the globe. We attracted two committed students from a vocational college to realize our plan: thanks a lot to them. And now: Enjoy the game!

Jan-Christoph Tonigs
Ulla Franke
Künstlerischer Leiter, Kloster Bentlage
Druckvereinigung Bentlage e.V.

Kloster Bentlage | Oktober 2020